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Each month, ASP will feature an article published in the American Journal of Primatology that was authored by a member of the Society. Wiley-Liss has agreed to make the entire article freely available for a period of three months.

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Bryndan O.C.M. van Pinxteren, Giulia Sirianni, Paolo Gratton, Marie-Lyne Després-Einspenner, Martijn Egas, Hjalmar Kühl, Juan Lapuente, Amelia C. Meier, Karline R.L. Janmaat. Sooty mangabeys scavenge on nuts cracked by chimpanzees and red river hogs—An investigation of interspecific interactions. Am J Primatol. 2018;e22895.


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News and Notes

April 2020

Special Issue of AJP!

A special issue of the American Journal of Primatologists has just been published, with the title: Surviving in fragmented landscapes: Identifying variables that influence primate population viability and persistence in forest fragments. The issue was guest-edited by Lisa Gould, Matthew R. McLennan, and Giuseppe Donati. Wiley has agreed to make the articles freely available to all for three months, or until mid-July 2020. You can read a press release from Oxford Brookes University here.

The March 2020 Action Letter of the ASP Conservation Action Network (ASP-CAN) is available to download. We encourage our membership to engage in scientific activism to protect the world's primates and their environments from extinction. The time to act is now!

March 2020

ASP Rescheduled to Later in 2020!

The ASP Board of Directors is happy to announce that we have been able to postpone the ASP annual conference to September 24 to September 27, 2020.  The meeting will remain in Denver. Our wonderful Local Host, Amy Levine and the Denver Zoo, and the Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel location are unchanged. Events at the zoo will also happen as originally planned.

A special thanks to Justin McNulty, ASP’s Meeting Advisor extraordinaire, who has led us through renegotiations on our hotel contract. Thank you, Justin!

Amy Levine, her Local Arrangements Committee and the Denver Zoo administration have been so flexible in accommodating the postponement. That is not easy to do while managing an institution during a time of emergency, so their efforts to support ASP are much appreciated!

The Board of Directors is working hard along with our Committee Chairs to revise our plans for the meeting. We will be in touch in the coming weeks to give you details about:

  • Hotel reservations and changes that may be needed
  • Conference registration issues
  • Whether new abstracts will be accepted for the meeting
  • Status of pre-conference workshops
  • Student Travel Awards
  • Possible deadline changes for some ASP awards, including Small Research Grants
  • Student Competition

We know you have many questions, but please hold off on emailing us about them right now, as we are still figuring out how these and other issues will be handled. Rest assured that we will give you more information as soon as we have it to share.

We are so pleased that we will be able to have our meeting this year and look forward to seeing you there! Stay safe and we will be in touch.

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